There is much confusion between polished cement floors and other continuous floor coatings.

DEFINITION of polished cement:
Polished cement is not a traditional cement or a raw concrete. This decorative cement is used indoors and outdoors. It’s mechanical properties, excellent adhesion and high permeability, allows it to be applied in bathrooms, floors, walls, kitchen worktops and objects. This coating is created with basic cements, selected fine sands, resins and natural pigments and contains less than 10% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is highly durable. It is applied in two thin layers with a total thickness between 2-3 millimeters and without having to lay a metal mesh. You can cover floors between 0 <500 m2 without expansion joints. The polished cement effect is not given with a small or large polisher, it’s achieved by manual application with a spatula.
Its strength is equal to a concrete plate with a thickness of 5 cm. Polished cement is a decorative coating and is much more durable than other thin floor coatings. The polished cement application is a real technique that has to be learnt in order to obtain a good result and a perfect finish.
Finish with wax or varnish provides optimum protection and easy maintenance.
Polished cement floor is not a raw concrete floor (concrete floors from 5 to 10 cm thickness) which has to be worked with a trowel, it’s a covering material.
Polished cement is not a MICROCEMENT, there is no need of a metal mesh.

Realcem® products are environmental friendly materials which are produced for designers, architects and applicators.
• The products are famous for their beauty, strength, practicality and ease of application, saving time in the implementation process of design and decoration.
Realcem®‘s Polished cement eco+ is a decorative finish that is used inside and outside. Thanks to its mechanical properties, excellent adhesion, impermeability and a wide range of inorganic and organic pigments, allows it to be applied in halls, bathrooms, floors, walls, countertops, decorative objects ….
• We are present on the national and international market. We have Show Rooms in Barcelona, Vitoria, Madrid, Ibiza, Bilbao and we have sales agents in Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, the United States and Latin America.
• We counsel our employees and our customers by analyzing their necessity and bringing the best solutions.
• We work in partnership with polished cement applicators referenced who had specific training on all Realcem® products to give you the best result in your decorating project.
• Constant innovation and development.


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