Preparation and finish


Degreasing, cleaning, levelling, eliminating porosity or increasing adhesive capacity.

There is a solution for each task with one of the products specially designed for this purpose.

Realcem® has a wide range of preparation products adapted to each surface.

To do this we identify and distribute tried products or we make our own.

This step is fundamental for the success of the work.


You will be shown the specific use of each material.

This use is adapted to the technical constraints specific to each production, expresses the decorative qualities of each material and takes into account the skill required for their application.


Sometimes, a material does not require finishing.

For example, a lime stucco or cement coating can be left bare and still be used for the exterior. For other materials such as polished cement, finishing plays an essential role in decoration, as with protection. Whether matt, satin or gloss, it is determined according to decorative choice: the reflection of light, the impression of surface or depth, matching an ambience and objects. However, it should be noted that the shinier the finish, the smoother the surface will be and thus the easier it will be to clean. Many of our clients therefore opt for satin finishes as they combine easy maintenance with aesthetics.


Although resistant, Realcem®‘s materials must be maintained with care. That is why we have developed a range of cleaning products that ensure the durability of your surfaces. They have all been designed in aqueous phase, and they are efficient and respect the environment.

They can be used with tools that up to now were reserved for professionals, such as the monobrush for polishing or special brooms for gentle washing.