Polished Cement REALCEM ECO+



SUPORTS: Floors, Walls, Objects, Interior and Exterior.
For all rigid surfaces: tiles, cellular concrete, chipboard, plasterboard, concrete, etc.
COLOURS: 30 Colours See colours here
FINITION: modern or rustic aspect, Coating mate, satinated or shiny APPLICATION: Trowels, Monobrushes and Scales
THICKNESS: From 2 to 4mn in total, No expansion joint RESISTENCE: Breathable, Hard






Thanks to its mechanical properties, excellent adhesion and perfect breathability, Realcem®’s polished cement Eco+ can be used on all types of interior and exterior supports: worktops, kitchens, bathrooms, floor and wall coverings, pools, terraces…(Only for coating inside swimming pools, it will be mandatory to incorporate special liquid resine). With its thin film thickness (Between 2mm – 4mm in total) and ultra resistance, it can be used on all type of supports that sturdy and stable such as wood, tile, cement, concrete slabs, cement cell…

Ideal for renovation (old tiled floors can also be covered – with prior preparation).Realcem®’s polished cement Eco+ is an adjuvanted micromortar with high- tech acrylic powder. It can be worked with according to the

desired finish: smooth, textured and contrasts, or tadelakt. Available in a wide range of colors of mineral and organic pigments.

Realcem®’s Polished cement Eco+ will fit the desired style, classic, contemporary or design.

• Breathable product.• Interior and exterior applications.• Thin film thickness (Between 2mm-4mm in total).• Ultra resistant.• Ideal for renovation.• Wide range of colours.• Great variety of colours.• Great variety of supports.• Special applications such as pools, bathrooms, medical environment.

• Aspetto liscio, opaco o spatolato.

• 2 strati.

• Spessore variabile.

• Semplice da applicare.

• Nessun ritiro.

• Ampia gamma di colori.

• Applicazione Interni