REALCEM® has developed a new coating (polished cement), especially designed for new or renovated pools. In compliance with environmental and health regulations, we offer you the opportunity to apply REALCEM® pool in three layers, without any joints, wich is very important to improve maintenance. We recommend REALCEM® for pools, thus eliminating the problems of joints that must be renewed every 4 or 5 years. Polished cement REALCEM® can be applied on all existing coatings, it is therefore suited to renovate pools without removing the old base, and without affecting the protective seal. To prevent slippage, we can give it a grain finish. The result is a high resistance mineral product. The absence of varnishes or any other chemical products, provides a UV resistance and filtration of chlorine, bromine and salt. To avoid depigmentation on darker colors, weselected six colors, which can change the reflection/color of the water according to your requirements.